Octopulse was created for the Yamaha Musical Instruments Research Lab. It shows that noise is music and is the principal musician of »The Alien Noise Orchestra« (work in progress), being the first of 4 different looking toy instrument characters that all produce different sounds. With this cuddly »alien bagpipe« you can control analogue sound synthesis through unconventional means, transferring movements into information for an analogue synthesizer to convert into cacophonous noises. This unconventional soundscape alters perceptions of what music could be and allows the electronic sounds of a synthesizer to be accessed by anyone.

Octopulse is in practical terms a knitted synthesizer that turns unapproachable technology into an easily approachable, tactile and emotional object. Experiencing the joy of instant creative expression and not being put off or defeated by over-complicated technology is why Octopulse is a great therapeutic tool for those with a wide variety of special needs, as well as being the perfect creative playmate for children and an innovative new instrument for creative music and studio soundscape-recording.