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I am delighted to announce that we have finally pushed the start button for our Punch’n’Cuddle online shop. It has taken a little longer than we anticipated, however, we wanted to ensure that we only went live once we had a warehouse full of 100% perfect Punch’n’Cuddles – boxed & ready and eagerly awaiting (once […]

Full House


Today is a special day for me – as all Punch’n’Cuddle delivery has finally arrived in our Berlin warehouse. So now we have hundreds of eager excited Punch’n’Cuddles ready to set out on their journeys to the new homes they will – hopefully – get ordered from. Right now we are in the final process […]

Tomorrow I will give a talk at the »Link Together« Panel of Sofia Design Week. It will give insight into my experiences on my way of turning an initial design idea into a working and sellable product: Punch’n’Cuddle. The focus will not be on the technical development for production, but rather aims to give an understanding […]

We just sent off the first Punch’n’Cuddle newsletter – which means that we have now officially launched our company! Just in time for Valentine’s, we were able to express Punch’n’Cuddle’s love to all its fans (so maybe it was more a loveletter than a newsletter), by finally being able to give a date for our online […]

One of the many good things about living in Thailand is that you can celebrate at least three new years – every year! Having done the 1st January celebrations just about a month ago, last night followed the next new years eve party – this time welcoming the new Chinese year of the rabbit! And in […]

Just received this footage of the London Marveland show, that has wrapped up last week. As I unfortunately was not able to see the show myself (still teaching in Bangkok), it’s great for me to see that Punch’n’Cuddle seems to have been very popular with the kids. A huge thank you to Sarv Ghazanfar, who shot […]

I just returned from Hanoi – and am delighted to say that the company, that produces the bamboo bases for Punch’n’Cuddle, has finally managed to create flawless samples! It has been proofed very good to currently live in such close proximity to Vietnam, as I was able to pop over there regularly in the past […]