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Hot from the press: DesignMarketo’s Retrospective, which has only just been published for their forthcoming show in Barcelona. And I am honored to have been asked to write the introduction for their first book, which gives an interesting insight into their working philosophy, as well as summing up the numerous projects they have initiated and […]

The KISD Koeln International School of Design, where I had studied years ago, just turned 20! I wish a Happy Birthday by posting this nice little movie (done by current students), describing the teaching philosophy of KISD. Looking at this made me realise how much I actually got influenced by this generalist, holistic design approach – […]

Today the sixth issue of London based Palladium magazine has been published internationally. It’s a lifestyle magazine for men, but not the usual blueprint of what you might think of now. Fortunately it is miles away from Loaded, FHM or the like, as it focuses on intelligent content and a clear and eye-friendly layout. All […]

Tomorrow I will be off to Milan Design Circus – so here a quick glimpse of the L’Appartamento project that I am involved doing: Staff of the furniture company Lago and the online design magazine Core77 will be living together in an apartment on Via Tortona 21 for the duration of the design week, sharing the kitchen, shower and wardrobes. […]