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I just returned from the »Loi Krathong« light festival in Sukhothai (North Thailand). »Loi« means »to float« and a »krathong« is traditionally a lantern made from a section of a banana tree trunk. Many Thais believe that floating a raft lantern during the full moon light in November will bring them good luck and float off their […]

Just returned from Hanoi to take care of our Punch’n’Cuddle production and got reminded that I was going to post this already after my last visit (but somehow it had dropped out of my mind): All over the city you’ll find phone numbers stencilled on the walls of houses. It’s the only kind of graffiti […]

In Thai tradition, there is an astrological rule (which has influence from Hindu mythology) that assigns one particular color to each day of the week. The color assigned is based on the color of the God who protects the day. For example, the God of Sunday is Surya which has a red color. These colors […]

I am about to catch the plane to Bangkok, where I was invited to teach as a visiting lecturer in the product design department of Raffles International College for one term. So, the studio is all wrapped up, my bag is packed and I am looking forward to trade in the crappy cold London weather against […]