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Just to make my New Year wishes complete, another Happy New Year to everyone – this time it’s the Thai one! The Songkran Festival is celebrated in Thailand traditionally from 13th to 15th April and coincides with the New Year of many calendars in Southeast Asia. It’s actually great fun, as it’s basically one huge water battle along the streets. Everybody […]

If you go traveling to Myanmar, better bring an iron – you might need it to straighten your dollar bills! As you can see in the pictures, there is quite a difference in the visual appearance of the bills of the local currency (Kyat) and the US dollars that the foreigners bring in. And now […]

                        One of the courses that I was teaching in the past six months at Raffles International College in Bangkok has designed the Local Essence exhibition. It will be launched at TCDC design institute in Bangkok later this week and actually mark the end of my […]

One of the many good things about living in Thailand is that you can celebrate at least three new years – every year! Having done the 1st January celebrations just about a month ago, last night followed the next new years eve party – this time welcoming the new Chinese year of the rabbit! And in […]

Khmer Design


Having just returned yesterday from a trip to Cambodia, I would like to quickly share these two wonderful simple designs that I came across over there: sandals made from old tires and a bamboo jaw’s harp. Even though an artifact of the Khmer Rouge killing regime, that has devastated Cambodia in the 70’s with an […]

A very happy new year to everyone – with this picture of a screen printed piece of fabric, that I had just bought in a temple in beautiful Luang Prabang in Laos. To European eyes it might look rather occult, however, I was assured by the temple worker that I bought it from, that it […]

I just returned from Hanoi – and am delighted to say that the company, that produces the bamboo bases for Punch’n’Cuddle, has finally managed to create flawless samples! It has been proofed very good to currently live in such close proximity to Vietnam, as I was able to pop over there regularly in the past […]