Brit Leissler studied design at the Koeln International School of Design as well as the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and worked for several years as a designer for various companies in Germany and Switzerland before coming to London in 2005. Here she graduated in 2007 from the Royal College of Art with a master degree in product design.

Her ambition is to add value to the experience of design, using an eclectic alchemy of different mediums and disciplines to combat the monotony of urban life: Combining tactility driven product design with film making, performance, graphic design and music, she seeks to place Art & Commerce in bed together to create beautiful »bastard« children. Her work is highly conceptual with a strong playful and emotional flavour, delivering its own unique style signature. It has been well received at international exhibitions and in both, magazine and online features.

Since autumn 2007 she has been busily engaged in establishing her own London based »Shoot the Stylist!« design studio, having undertaken design consultancy and commissioned work for the BBC, Vodafone, Lago SpA (Italy) and others. She also is experienced in international design workshops, having assisted over several years at the Vitra Summer Workshops in Boisbuchet (France) and co-directed the LagoStudio workshops in Padova (Italy). Brit has recently started to work as a regular correspondent for Core77.

When taking a break from the design world she writes, sings and composes quirky electronic pop from the tough to the romantic (her current project being »Happy Trigger«) and spreads her own brand of creative karma around the world. Brit travels a lot, loves all forms of eccentricity, joins up the dots and enjoys to get into interesting conversations with all kinds of weird and wonderful people. She doesn’t eat animals, is hot for cheese, loves the Kensington Squirrels, robotic dance moves and life enhancing ideas.