Happy Rabbit Year!


One of the many good things about living in Thailand is that you can celebrate at least three new years – every year! Having done the 1st January celebrations just about a month ago, last night followed the next new years eve party – this time welcoming the new Chinese year of the rabbit! And in case all those well wishes and new year resolutions will still not work out this second time, there will be a third chance in april, when the Thai new year will be celebrated. Pheeeeeew!

Just as the of-going fire works and paper lanterns around me announced the beginning of the “bunny mode”, while standing on the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, I received a phone call from London, that the delivery with the very final samples from Vietnam of Punch’n’Cuddle bases had just been unloaded. For me that was the best way to start this new year (2555 btw), as this basically gave the starting signal for our production – a moment that I had desperately anticipated in the past year!

So, apart from wishing everyone a happy new year again, I am very delighted to announce that we have finally left the sampling stage and now officially started the Punch’n’Cuddle production – and will therefore launch our online shop in Summer 2011 (because producing will also take some time, but not nearly as long as getting there)!


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