Fighting a ffffreezing ccccold Studio, Part 1: The Happy Bounce


The majority of independent artists or designers who work in their own studio usually get cold feet (and hands and noses and…) once the leafs have fallen from the trees. They then either enter a kind of hibernation mode, only visiting their studio as less as possible until spring time. Or they are surrounded by energy wasting electronic heaters – as well as wearing gloves, scarfs and ice bear furs while working.

But now there is another solution! I have discovered it just recently and it does not only keep you warm but also makes you happy and enhances your fitness. And all this for just a single payment of twenty quit: Get a trampoline! Since I have it in my studio, I am not just able to fight the cold in a fun way, but can also save the gym – since jumping around on one of those little bouncy tools is even recommended by the NASA (so I even prepare for space travel). Can you say that about your electrical heater? So, turn it off (gives you dry skin anyway), start to bounce and get hot & happy!


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