Sunny Side Up!


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The coming weekend (5.-7. September) sees the launch of  our surrealistic fried egg boat at the Venice Art Biennale where in the guise of  giant houseflies we will  cruise the canals  and transform reality. With Sunny Side Up! we are promoting positive thinking and (metaphorically) proof that it is indeed a wonderful thing to just “ride the waves” and hook up with perfect strangers in beautifully surreal situations (after all, what else can an ordinary house fly do but create a buzz).

The boat will be launched on Saturday, 5. September on the Venice Arsenal around 11:00. So if you are lucky enough to be in Venice and up for a surreal buzz, come and have a look – the yoke’s on you. Join us for a ride on the “Flied Egg Boat”!


One Response to “Sunny Side Up!”

  1. 1 Dorea

    Hey Brit, ist das Spiegelei geschwommen?

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