Post Futurist Manifesto Dialogues



During Milan Design Week 2009, working for Core77, I sought to create a “Post Futurist Manifesto” through dialogues with some of the leading thinkers in the world of design. Interviewing designers, producers, publishers, gallery owners and sociologists, the dialogues centered around the new values that designers (and the design industry) should address, and the new approaches they ought to take in order to confront the paradigm-shifts that we are currently facing. Here’s the point of departure:

100 years ago the futuristic manifesto was announced in Italy–to express the spirit of the era, break with all the conventions of the 19th century and replace them with new values. We all know that the futurism of the 20th century went terribly wrong at one point, and eventually ended in fascism. However, it is important to understand that initially it was all about liberation and freedom–aesthetically, politically and socially.

100 years later, the world is in collapse. The futurism of the 20th century has reached its end, and it is well time to create a post-futurist manifesto that seeks to define the true nature of the 21st century, establishing a new value system to replace the ruins of the old.

Check out all the dialogues below or have a look at all posts in one place, including interviews with conceptual artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, ex-designer Marti Guixe, publisher Sven Ehmann, and many more.

Michelangelo Pistoletto Founding member of the Arte Povera Movement
Emma Firmin
Co-Founder and Editor of DAMn Magazine
Marti Guixe Ex-Designer
Francesco Morace President of Future Concept Lab
Alice Wang Designer
Sven Ehmann Creative Director of Die Gestalten Publishers
Barbara Bondi & Marco Raino brh+ Architects of TURN
Marco Bettiol Researcher at the Venice International University
Snippets Three Main Ingredients


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