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Tomorrow I will be off to Milan Design Circus – so here a quick glimpse of the L’Appartamento project that I am involved doing: Staff of the furniture company Lago and the online design magazine Core77 will be living together in an apartment on Via Tortona 21 for the duration of the design week, sharing the kitchen, shower and wardrobes. […]

Love Design!


Shoot the Stylist! is featured in the new “Love Design” book by daab publishers. During the Milan Design Week (on Friday 24.April) it will be released with the Love Design Cocktail Party. If you are in town please RSVP so we can have a lovely time together! The loveliest thing of it all is that my lieblings radio DJ […]

Presto, presto!


After we realized that we won’t be able to sort out the final tweaks via Skype video chats, I spontaneously ended up In the middle of nowhere between Padova and Venice, trying to finish a new prototype for Lago. Fingers crossed that the little “detail devils” can all be banished before Milan Design Week… which […]