Helping you because you can’t help yourself


The ingenious website Cheatneutral offers a great service for all those who can’t help themselves but cheat on their loved ones. Particularly at this time of year with all those boozy Christmas parties taking place, it happens a lot that people end up in bed with someone else but their own partners. But thanks to Cheatneutral you can neutralize the damage you have done to your relationship by paying the small amount of only GBP 2,50 which will be used to offset your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat.

Obviously this website is not meant seriously but designed to ridicule the ridiculous idea of carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting is about paying for the right to carry on emitting carbon. The Carbon offset industry sold GBP 60 million (!) of offsets last year, and is rapidly growing. Carbon offsetting is a joke – just like Cheatneutral!


One Response to “Helping you because you can’t help yourself”

  1. Excellent blog! Very interesting themes. I will regularly read it.

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