London Design Festival: Shoot the Stylist!


During the London Design Festival I reported regularly for Core77. Here’s a full list of all the posts in one place and the picture gallery with a selection of about 200 pictures that I took throughout the festival can also be viewed. However, it has to be said that overall the London Design Festival was just another “Emperor’s new Clothes” design event with very few glittering highlights shining through the vast mass of self-regarding, repetitive, meaningless design objects.

Sustainability has become buzz word number one – but unfortunately appears to be used in most cases simply as a marketing exercise with very little substance. It would have far more value, meaning and indeed sustainability to simply do nothing, rather than reproduce old ideas, already passed their sell by date, and try to pass them off as new envelope pushing concepts. I did however thoroughly enjoy reporting on the festival – and this first experience as a “design critic” certainly awakened my urge to apply more much needed critical judgement to the world of design, which in true “Shoot the Stylist!” spirit I will enjoy delivering for Core77 in the future.


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