Punch’n’Cuddle on Tour!


Punch’n’Cuddle is now going on tour. He will stay in one location for a few weeks and then move on to the next. As Punch’n’Cuddle seeks to serve as the outlet valve for as many people’s emotions as possible (he is a total populist), only shared locations used by a number of individuals are suitable as a temporary home for him. Obviously he shouldn’t get abused but be treated with respect – i.e. the punches should definitely be balanced by an equal number of cuddles.

Applications for temporary adoptions are now open. Whether you work in an office and feel you really need to “let it all out” sometimes, or in a hospital or any other community based institution – if you would like to host Punch’n’Cuddle as a guest for a while, please drop me an email and we can see what we can arrange. As Punch’n’Cuddle is very open to travel anywhere, the applications are open to anyone globally. I will then figure out a tour route – the more countries this involves, the better.

Right now one Punch’n’Cuddle is hosted by the media agency Carat/Isobar in their offices in Parker Tower, overlooking Central London from the 10th floor, and another one is getting ready for a trip to Birmingham for a series of exhibitions in public spaces.

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