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Punch’n’Cuddle is now going on tour. He will stay in one location for a few weeks and then move on to the next. As Punch’n’Cuddle seeks to serve as the outlet valve for as many people’s emotions as possible (he is a total populist), only shared locations used by a number of individuals are suitable […]

The opening is tonight, Wednesday! If you feel like having a free drink, surrounded by 50 re-inventions of the Anglepoise lamp for Artemide (of which one is designed by me), then you should come to the Aram Gallery in Covent Garden – truely enlightening!

Play addicted!


Our first gig at the Buttoned Down Live Show at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane went really well – and we are very pleased with the great reaction that we got! Thanks for all the support and a particularly gorilla sized THANKS to Ian, our psycho monkey! We would like to have as many […]

Lago Studio


Since late August I have exchanged London rain against Italian dolce vita, working in Lago Studio, squeezing my brain for fresh furniture ideas. Lago Studio is basically a beautiful country house, somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Padova and Venice. It is set up by and very close to the furniture company Lago as […]