Show Down!


The Great Exhibition 2007 is over – and i am really happy that i have participated in this year’s Royal College of Art graduation show that has happened in a tent in Kensington Gardens, showing work of over 400 graduates from 24 different departments for two weeks. The atmosphere was truely wonderful! 72.000 visitors came to have a look, not to count the endless numbers of bugs, flies and squirrels that apparently loved our exhibits and very often took a closer look at them. Here an overview of the works that i have exhibited: Punch’n’Cuddle, Sole on Ice, Octopulse and Happy Trigger.

I was allowed to give some performances with my ICE SKATES (in the true sense of the word) on a stage that i had built for this purpose, placed in front of the tent in the park. Thanks to Monica from Harlequin Floors for the contribution of this wonderful glossy black dance floor, as well as to Justin from Interlevin Refrigeration for the free display freezer that I was able to put into the exhibition space. Here some pictures of one of the performances (taken by Nils Jorgensen).

PUNCH’N’CUDDLE found a lot of new friends during the show! I also presented a little P’n’C brother for the smaller people amongst us. Get some impressions of the punching and cuddling they both had to go through. They now look a bit rough after all those hugs and knocks – but they couldn’t be happier.

Infinite happiness was also achieved by all the people who tried the HAPPY TRIGGER which is an audio-tactile gratification tool. Embedded in Happy Trigger’s music are frequencies known to have a positive effect on the human mind and body. With the actual Happy Trigger object (a headphone-hat connected to an abstract cuddly object) these audio frequencies are transferred into physical ones (tactile vibrations synchronized to the music) – so one can quite literally “bathe” in the “good vibrations”.

The serotonin molecule (neuro-transmitter responsible for happiness) being Happy Trigger’s logo is also the data container of the recorded music. Instead of just selling a CD, Happy Trigger sells USB sticks in the shape of a serotonin molecule, packaged in a glass bottle and labeled like some sort of medicine. Big, big thanks to Chris Garland, being the greatest brand character and marketing guru I could have wished for to promote Happy Trigger during the show!

The OCTOPULSE also got great feedback and will be shown soon again, not far from where the tent stood: It will participate in the BBC Blast show in the Serpentine Gallery, on the weekend of the 21. and 22. of July. If you want to get a nice quirky sound massage come by and have a look & listen!


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