I am delighted to announce that we have finally pushed the start button for our Punch’n’Cuddle online shop. It has taken a little longer than we anticipated, however, we wanted to ensure that we only went live once we had a warehouse full of 100% perfect Punch’n’Cuddles – boxed & ready and eagerly awaiting (once you have ordered them of course) their instant transfer to their happy new homes. And a huge and cuddly thanks to the wonderful Evalotta for having done such a great job with the online shop.

What a wonderful way to end the year – and also to start the new one! It has been such a long process – and this milestone had been so desperately anticipated in the past few months, so that it now almost feels unreal… but amazingly uplifting nevertheless. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Full House


Today is a special day for me – as all Punch’n’Cuddle delivery has finally arrived in our Berlin warehouse. So now we have hundreds of eager excited Punch’n’Cuddles ready to set out on their journeys to the new homes they will – hopefully – get ordered from.

Right now we are in the final process of fine tuning our new web site, ready for Punch’n’Cuddle lift off – and are very excited at the prospect of finally opening the virtual doors of our online shop in the next couple of days.

Hot from the press: DesignMarketo’s Retrospective, which has only just been published for their forthcoming show in Barcelona. And I am honored to have been asked to write the introduction for their first book, which gives an interesting insight into their working philosophy, as well as summing up the numerous projects they have initiated and realised over the past few years. Delighted to participate in this wonderful design culture, I got nothing more to say but to wish them all the best for all their future projects.

Tomorrow I will give a talk at the »Link Together« Panel of Sofia Design Week. It will give insight into my experiences on my way of turning an initial design idea into a working and sellable product: Punch’n’Cuddle.

The focus will not be on the technical development for production, but rather aims to give an understanding of the infinitely variable problems, obstacles and indeed frustrations that lay on the long, winding and always rocky road to the marketplace. A lot of stamina and belief in what you do is needed to be able to take the knocks and stay motivated – but if you manage to ‘go the distance’ and bring your idea to reality it is very rewarding.

If you are around, I would love to see you on June 13th at 9:00 in Sofia’s Central Military Club. Yes, that’s right. But no worries – I come in peace.

I’m off to Sofia Design Week, where I will be quite busy giving a workshop, a talk, show a new project with Designmarketo and report for Core77. I am particularly looking forward to the workshop, as it addresses the Roma Community in Sofia.

Interested members of the community will be given mass-produced everyday objects and furniture in order to create something new from them. Whether it is just adding certain stylistic elements, or changing the object completely into something entirely different by also altering its function, is up to the participants. The aim of the workshop is to create a range of objects that will then be exhibited and auctioned in public. The money generated from this »value added design« will be going to the Roma community.

Workshop: 10.-14.6. in a Sofia Roma Camp • Subsequent Exhibition of the Workshop Outcome: 15.-17.6. in Central Mineral Bathhouse • Public Auction of the Objects: 18.6. in Shishman Street

The KISD Koeln International School of Design, where I had studied years ago, just turned 20! I wish a Happy Birthday by posting this nice little movie (done by current students), describing the teaching philosophy of KISD. Looking at this made me realise how much I actually got influenced by this generalist, holistic design approach – even though I’m very glad that I added the Royal College of Art experience to it some years later. I guess somewhere in-between both design approaches I eventually found myself…

For the first time in years I haven’t been to Milan Design Week (as I was still in Asia) – and one of the biggest bummers was probably to have missed the annual Fornasetti Party. One digital token, however, I got from it: the Nucleare Vade Retro sticker that they handed out. It is their latest graphic variation on the Fornasetti theme, using the iconic face of Lina Cavalieri to make a statement against nuclear power.